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Multiple Intelegences in Biofinger

Updated version of Biofinger program provide dematoglyphic analysis based on Multiple Intelligences theory from Howard Gardner, includes visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic intelligences.


Vibraimage presentation on CYTER conference

Vibraimage technology was presented on CYTER 2012 conference, Prague, June 12-13. Presentation was done by Bc. Jan Tůma, from Department of Security Technologies and Engineering Faculty of Transportation Sciences Czech Technical University.


Free vibraimage statistical processing software VibraStat

New free VibraStat program allows any vibraimage statistics processing by the one click. The result shows as several histograms indicating statistics for different psychophysiological measurements corresponding to people or groups.

Love Detector for Android phones

Psychophysiological Love Detector for Android phones. Mesurement of Love and compatibility levels in 5 seconds of video capturing.

Just in September, AuraVI+ version with 10 times lower price!

Great discount on AuraVI+ program! Only in September 2011 you could take it for $20 USD price.

Free aura vision program for Android smartphones.

Happy Android smartphone users could see auras by a new trial version of vibraimage program.

VibraLite upgrade. Now your VibraLite goes to any computer.

Updated VibraLite version has reinstall function to any computer. User easy delete any VibraLite version from one compuer and install it to the other.

Multichannel Vibraimage system version 7.5

The next Vibraimage 7.5 version opens a new generation of IP video processing systems, capturing criminals before its action in auto mode. Vibraimage 7.5 processing video in real time from any number of video cameras fixed on any distance from processing room. The best solution for personal and public security and video surveilance.

Next webcam - Genius eFace 1300 recommended for vibraimaging in Windows 7

Webcams for vibraimaging with Windows 7

New webcam from Genius - eFace 1300 has low noise and accepted requests of vibraimaging. It's normally works with Windows 7 together with other tested webcams as Genius Look 1320 and Microsoft Cinema.

See your aura online!

Now you need only to connect webcam to you computer and go to Psymaker link http://www.psymaker.com/demo/ and see your aura free.

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