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Welcome to Aura-Vibraimage World!

Now you need only webcam and Aura-VI program to control aura. Modern technologies change view to the ancient aura secrets. Discover a new features in your emotions, health, minds, family etc. Control real time changes in your aura depends on any influence.

Look aura, aura on vibraimage and vibraimage by the one software.




We help you enjoy vibraimaging and open new features in well known objects!

VibraImage program gives different technical possibilities for emotion recognition, but typical users prefer to characterize person by external vibraimage or aura on real image. Aura based on vibraimage allows clearly and visually demonstrate emotions and physiological status of human being. Every user after short application experience could greatly diversify, extend and intensify knowledge about mental health and aura of individual.

VibraImage technology registers micromovement (vibration) of person by standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing. Human head microvibration is linked with the vestibular-emotional reflex (VER) of a person and reflects emotions levels. VibraImage system detects human emotions by the control of three dimension (3D) head-neck movements and fluctuations, accumulated in several frames.