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Simple and professional contactless lie detector. Psychophysiological detection of deception based on vibraimage technology. Lie detection with fixed actual questionnaires like Credit, Family, Bribe, Insider, etc  3 minutes test and 100% sure in result. Vibralie+ gives confidence in any relations!

VibraMid is designed for technical profiling and detection of suspicious behavior person. VibraMid solves the following aims:

  • Suspicious behavior detection of person in flow;
  • Passengers flow monitoring;
  • Macro movements  control.

VibraMid is one of the best antiterrorist detector in the world. Better is only VibraImage PRO!

Emotion Recognition and Behavior Detection System VibraMed is designed for psychophysiological diagnostics and psychological researches.

Operator functional state assessment system with individual processing of norms for psychophysiological parameters.

Behavior Detection VibraImage System Version 8.1 (PRO) intends registration, analysis, control and research of human emotion status for different applications in the fields of security, biometrics, psychology, lie detection, medicine and human life.

Dongle protection. Express post delivery. VibraImage PRO system can do anything in human detection!

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