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Look aura by webcam! Just simple with Aura-VI program. Control aura in Skype, store and print your aura changes! Friendly and simple aura vision program discovers a new world for U!

Dr.Pulse program is installed on phones with Android OS version 4.1 or higher and measures HRV by 3d-pulse technology for health assessment
Psychophysiological Love detector in your mobile phone. Test your relation with any person. Are you in Love, Like, Indiference, Dislike or Hate? It's simple to test with Love Detector!

Behavior Detection VibraImage System Version 8.1 (PRO+) intends to registration, analysis, control and research of human emotion status for different applications in the fields of security, biometrics, psychology, lie detection, medicine and human life.

Dongle protection. Express post delivery. VibraImage PRO+ system can do anything in human detection! Highest security level. FOR GOVERMENTS USE ONLY!

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See aura by webcam! Just simple with Aura-Vibraimage program. Be psymaker with standard webcam and Aura-Vibraimage program! This is FREE program version. Activation code to start Aura-VI program: DEMO_Z

You don't need to buy this product! Download VibraLite and install it based to the Manual.


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