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Frequently asked questions about VibraImage


> How we can show the actual Lie indication level by numerical value on every question and answer, because it is so hard to recognize its level from graphs?

It is possible to put mouse marker to graph and see numerical value of every parameter.

> Here, when we stand threshold 10%, you said "the changes to 15% shows lie". I don't understand the actual meaning of "the changes to 15% shows lie". So, could you please explain further more for its meaning? And also, I have a same question about "if we stand LD threshold 20%, the changes 15% coordinates to reaction, and not a lie".

Lie is reaction changing more than threshold. The problem is to stand right threshold, and this request question analyzing. This is the main problem of any Lie Detection method and all experience received with traditional polygraph is working with VI too. In vibraimaging we have more detecting parameters and could do it auto, but manual settings selection for police and education is absolutely necessary.

> Who is now using or who is going to apply VI program for Lie Detection at other foreign country? This question is that they want to take some evidences for confidence?

We have not confirmed info about VI program application as lie detector in foreign countries. We delivered several systems in Israel, Europe, USA but have not feedback from police applications, so you in Korea are ahead others.

> Please answer the questions about your experience in Lie Detection and try to give further more information what you did experiences in Russia.

We have a lot of testing and discussions about VI with traditional LD operators in Russia. There is no one opinion among it, some operators support VI others are against. VI is strong competitor to traditional polygraph, so we could not wait full support from traditional polygraphists.

> Can you analyze Lie Detection level when they provide the actual video data (about for 5 minutes)? They will provide the data file with Actual video and audio sound. How long do you need the evaluation time after receiving the actual video data?

Yes, sure I could analyze video data from video files. English translation is necessary, because I need to understand significant question. Usually I need about one hour for one 3 minutes video file, practically I see the result immediately, but need time for change settings and confirm result.

> When they take the actual video data for replaying onto VI Program, what should they make a pre-setting in investigation ambient room and web camera and illumination, if there are any specific conditions?

It's better to begin from micro default settings, then select audio threshold, then adjust video settings and select parameters for visual control.

> What are the differences from other Polygraphs in confidence and operating conditions? We need to compare all functions/ Pros and Cons... with other Polygraphs?

We compared VI with EEG and traditional polygraph. The correlation with EEG is very high (90%) for aggressive states, the correlation with polygraph depends on many factors. Typically it is high and about 80%, but VI detects lie early, than Skin Galvanic Reaction, because VI has less inertia.

> Please explain those meanings for below parameters. A1: Quick reaction, F2: Middle reaction,  F3: Long reaction,  P2: Concentration of person I want to clarify what are the actual differences among "Quick, Middle, Long" reaction.

We accumulate frames and parameters values for different time periods, so parameters with minimum time period accumulation (calculates between two nearest frames) reflects quick reaction, like 0,1 s parameter accumulated for middle time (about 1 second) reflects middle human reaction, and parameters accumulated in Long time (10-20 seconds) reflects a long reaction. Different emotions and stimulus have different reaction time, so we need to capture every changes and select necessary for concrete aim.

> I have some questions for Police demonstration for Lie Detection. Could  you explain why we need to set up for Graphs of A1,F2,F3,P2,P5 parameters for Lie Detection?  Please explain if there are any specific reasons.

VI program calculates more than 20 parameters for lie detection and it is difficult to look and analyze it visually on screen. Typically operator control several parameters, looks more important for him. I prefer to control this parameters with looking video file. This gives more accuracy for stand other system settings and lie detection.

> While I am studying VI technology and application, I got to the very basically question as below. Definitely somebody from Airport and Police may have the same or similar questions. So, I want to clearly understand what are the differences between Micro mode (for Lie detection) and Macro mode (for monitoring passengers).

Micro mode used not only for lie detection, for passengers screening too. Furthermore micro mode every time gives more accuracy, than macro mode, because it gives maximum resolution for object, so we could see micro vibrations. In macro mode we less fix micro vibration and more fix macro movement of people, it also characterized behavior.

> Why do we have to measure AUDIO parameters for Lie Detection if VI technology can show and measure the physiological parameters like Amplitude and Frequency and Symmetry of human micromovements? If  we must apply to measure Lie Detection level from VI program, how can its Lie Detection be more accurate than Voice Detection?  Generally, in the accuracy point of view to Lie detection if the user want to compare only AUDIO/VOICE/SOUND, they can challenge that Voice recognition technology can provide more accuracy Lie Level. How can we explain and answer to Police man?

We used AUDIO parameters for fix in time changes of vibraimage parameters to the video in interview. If we have not sound we could not fix it. We will see lie, but could not recognize the  lie in concrete answer. Also we using AUDIA for verbal lie starting and finishing in Audio mode.

> If the voice sound is important to detect the Lie, what  about MACRO mode for monitoring passengers in Airport by SUSPECTION Level? Do two functions  (Lie Detection vs. Suspection) work individually? Or, Because Suspection level is actually different from Lie Detection in function, don't we need to apply Voice/Audio function to measure the Suspected Level in Macro Mode?

For macro mode audio function is not so important, in Pulkovo airport does not use audio for passengers control, they have not microphones at all, it is not need for suspected person detection.

> Could you please sending the focusing chart for camera when we set up the operating condition? You showed A4 size paper chart when I stayed in your office. I should use its chart for focusing when I install its program to shopping mall next week.

In Manual there are two Test Tables (Test Pattern), one RU is preferable and typically we used it for testing. Threshold test value for cameras is not more than 0,1 IntegratedN(Am). Please, fix table strongly during the testing. EU table 1956 gives a little bit more noise, but sometimes it is used for more grey objects testing.