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VibraMed solves the following tasks:

  • behavior detection and psychophysiological control of person;
  • psychophysiological personal diagnostics based on corresponding statistic norms;
  • vibra-aura (external vibraimage) real time surveillance, research, analysis and interpretation.

In a mode «» average for the period parameters value of psycho-emotional person conditions and their deviation from the established norm is controlled. The basic applicability of the given mode is use of vibraimage system for medical diagnostics and psychological researches.

In the analysis mathematical expectation of M, a mean squared deviation of S and variability of the V following psychophysiological parameters of the person measured in a mode M by the program VibraMed are used:

1 – parameter Aggression (7);

2 – parameter Stress (6);

3 – parameter Tension (F5X);

4 – parameter Suspect (19);

5 – parameter Balance (16);

6 – parameter Charm (17);

7 – parameter Energy (8);

8 – parameter Self-regulation (18);

9 – parameter Inhibition (F6);

10 – parameter Neuroticism (F9).

Set of the T1-T10 parameters is selected so that with the maximum information content to record all micromovements of a human head based on vestibulo-emotional reflex (VER). Thus, the name of each Ti parameter can characterize different psychophysiological characteristics depending on use of VibraMed. During measurement the current values of measured parameters are displayed in information column.

Detail VibraMed Manual downloads from the link