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VibraImage technology

How does it work?

VibraImage technology measures micromovement (micro motion, vibration) of person by standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing. Human head microvibration is linked with the vestibular-emotional reflex (VER) and depends on  emotion status. VibraImage system detects human emotions by the control of 3D head-neck movements accumulated in several frames of video processing. Vibraimage - system that can detect all human emotions!

VibraImage is a new type of image, it is also so primary, as original color image, thermo image or x-ray image. Each image type gives new and unique information about the object. Every pixel of vibraimage indicates vibration parameters - frequency or amplitude of vibration. One frame imaging of vibration frequency and amplitude named external VibraImage and looks like human aura. External vibraimage (vibra-aura) colors are associated with vibration frequency and external vibraimage (vibra-aura) size is determined by the amplitude of vibrations.

X-ray image Thermo image Vibraimage
X-ray image Thermo image Vibraimage


Where is the vibraimage technology applied?

VibraImage program designed to achieve the following objectives:

Personal securiry

Vibraimaging - highest level of personal security

Lie detection

Lie detector. Just simple

Emotion recognition in Skype

Emotion recognition in Skype

╬Personal compatibility

Find your couple. Personal compatibility

Viewing of aura and self-knowledge

See your aura

Behavior detection

Public security. Remote and contactless



Vibraimage technology experience

ELSYS Corp. develops vibraimage technology for various applications since 2001 year. More than 1000 professional vibraimage systems and thousands lite and middle vibraimage versions are successfully operating on all continents. For example, since 2007 several vibraimage systems successfully detect criminals, terrorists and suspected behavior of  passengers at the airports Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg) and Domodedovo (Moscow). Latest Vibraimage PRO version by 1 minute testing gives unique emotion 10print about the person and calculates levels of neuroticism, inhibition, self regulation, energy, charming, mental balance, suspect, stress, anxiety, activity.

The vibraimage system was presented and awarded by Diplomas and Gold medals on international innovative forums and HiTech exhibitions: Cebit, Simo, ChinaPolice, Interpolitex, ILA, Brussels-Eureka etc. Vibraimage systems provided total visitors control and security checking during past Olympic Games in Sochi. Download and view video presentation about vibraimage in Sochi on the link.