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VibraImage Skype

Nowadays we hardly can imagine our comunication without ICQ, Skype, e-mail, social networks. But often, talking with friend by Skype we want to know his real emotions. Of course there are a lot of different smiles in ICQ or you can see yuor friend on video chat in Skype, but it is not enough to understand his emotions completely.

We represent you the new version of software product VibraImage for emotion recognition in Skype. Now you can show your emotions on line to all of your friends and partners. If you want to see your interlocutor's real emotions they should install Virtual drivers to their computer.

With VI Skype your status in Skype automatically changes once a second depending on your mood. Your interlocutor can see your level of aggression, stress and anxiety, and also a smilie corresponding to these values. You can always send your VibraImage with sign of your Skype emotions level in real time. Now every VibraLite+ version has Skype support as Vibraimage PRO version.

This way, using VibraImage software now you can:

see real emotions of yor friends and partners in Skype;
analyze emotional status af any Skype user in real time;
forget about changing smiles status in Skype, because VibraImage will do it auto for your emotional state.